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Thank you for visiting our site.  Here’s a glimpse of Goransen’s background and more importantly Goransen’s vision…

Created from one man’s belief, Goransen is family-owned, family-ran.  We are in the journey of the aspiration to have our T-Shirts worn on our nation’s people, with three combined principles at the core driving our brand:  Individuality, Quality and Ethical.

In its simplest form Goransen designs then produces custom T-shirts for the bold, the quirky, the unperturbed, as well as the audacious characters among us.  In its entirety, Goranson represents a brand that not only subscribes to all of our three principles, but our T-shirts are the direct illustrations and statements of these beliefs.  This is how we do it:

·       Individuality:  No two people are the same, we each have our own eccentricities, quirkiness, and vision.

·       Quality: All materials sourced are 100% organic cotton, aimed for durability whilst being cosy for unique figures.  Our standards dictate that our T-shirts are made with heavy weight fabrics of 220gsm.

·       Ethical: Goransen’s garments are not only vegan based, but other raw materials used in production are also ethically sourced.  Suppliers or partners that do not meet these basic criteria, do not make the cut for Goransen.


If our story strikes a chord with you, feel free to take a peek at our various collections.


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